Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm a slacker...

I am apparently not too good at keeping up with my blog....Things have been kind of hectic in my life lately. My job is taking pretty much all of my energy and sanity, so my knitting has been suffering!

I finally finshed the Ugg booties for my new cousin Brody. They came out pretty good. I wasn't a fan of the fluffy yarn I used for the was random stuff I found in my stash. I'll definitely find something better for the next pairs I make...which I need to get a move on because the too girls I am making them for are due in a month! They are really quick to make now that I have the hang of it. And I have to make them hats too. Also really quick. I am working on 2 Anthropologie sweaters for a friend's birthday at the end of August also, so I need to get a move on! Luckily all of those are really quick knits if I can sit down and just work on them straight!

I am still finishing up my raglan sweater pattern. I know, its been forever. I am on the really boring part of the body, so it is hard to keep motivated, but I am almost done.
I am also waiting not-so-patiently for my summer issue of Interweave to show up! I really want to make the apres-surf hoodie! I already have the yarn...some really purty light yellow (its called "sunlight") Palette laceweight from Knit Picks...whom I can you not? Their yarn is awesome and super affordable! With all the rainy days we've had this summer, I need some sunlight!

This has been a busy summer despite the rain. Although, I haven't gotten to the beach yet (hopefully tomorrow!!!) and I haven't gotten my kayak in the water much other than early in the season, and a couple weeks ago in Maine. Maine was awesome. The weather turned out gorgeous and I got to see some friends I haven't seen in a long time. Mainly my friend Erin who moved to CO last year, and the Tumans, who although they don't live far away, we never get to see! So it was fantastic. Last weekend we went to see my family and to my dad's company picnic. Always a good time.

Yesterday I got to go with my friend Jennica to see her new puppy! We went to the breeder's house in Carver, MA. They breed Boston terriers. We got to sit in a pen with 6 tiny baby puppies! They were too cute for words, and all of them wanted to cuddle! They all decided to sleep on us. I was in animal-lover heaven! Jennica's puppy is awesome. She named her Mitsy and she picked Jennica right out, it was meant to be! I wanted to put them all in the car and run away! I'm sure Cory would not approve of me bringing home 6 puppies though...I'll just have to survive being Auntie Janel to Mitsy!

Well, the hubby and I are off to buy a pellet stove. Sounds like a fun time right? At least we won't go broke heating our house this winter....I hope!!


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