Friday, August 15, 2008

I'm still a Kool-Aid kid!

So my awesome sister-in-law, who gave me the greatest gift of teaching me how to knit years ago, has given me another cool gift for my birthday! She gave me a kool-aid dyeing kit from Aisha Celia Designs! I had dyed with kool-aid once before and it was very fun! The colors come out so fun and bright and your house (and yarn!) smells so fruity and yummy! It totally reminds me of being a kid drinking Kool-aid all the time. Ahhhh...nostalgia....
Anyway, I am a fan of kool-aid dyeing because it is super easy and quick! The longest part is pre-soaking the yarn for 30 min in a vinegar/water bath, but then you just put the yarn in a microwave safe container, pour on your colorful kool-aid, and then microwave! There is practically no clean-up! I randomly mixed up the 3 primary colors that came in the kit (yellow, blue, red) I ended up with a purpley-maroonish varigation. Pretty neat. Now I just have to decide what to make with my fun yarns!

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