Sunday, August 24, 2008

Baby Girl Brimmed Hat

This is the female counterpart to the Baby Boy Brimmed hat. Its a little fancier than the boy version, but that is basically to make it a bit prettier for your pretty little girl! The knit flower can be replaced by a felted or silk one, or any other decoration you like!

sts and rows = 1inch
Size 6 needles
Caron Simply Soft quick

Set-up row:
Cast on 50 sts
Knit 2 rows

Work in following pattern until piece reaches approx. 4inches.
*k2tog, yo* repeat from * across row.

Decrease rows:
row 1: k2tog across
row 2: p2tog across
row 3: k2tog across, cut yarn, leaving 12" tail
using a tapestry needle, run yarn through stitches remaining on needle.
Stitch side seam.

CO 18sts
row 1: K
row 2: P
row 3: K
row 4 p1, m1 p across to last st. m1, p1
row 5: k across. When you come to the increases, k in the back of the stitch.
row 6: p
bind off all sts

Sew edge of brim to bottom front of hat. Weave in all ends.

Use whatever embellishment you like, but I used this knit flower:

You only need a little blocking...just to flatten out the brim and perhaps the flower.


Anonymous said...

I saw this pattern on Ravelry and have a question about working the pattern (I decrease by one stitch per row when I k2tog, yo) I *love* this hat and am excited to try it. But right now I'm stuck :(
Thanks in advance for the help!
on Ravelry I'm knitwitjme

MissHetz said...

I was wondering what the gauge on this is?